May 3, 2012

Romney Watch: Ann's Coffee With the Nation in Her $1000 T-Shirt


When Mrs. Obama rocks the Gap dress or the J.Crew pants, she’s obviously not just a.) wearing what she’s comfortable in or b.) trying to show us she’s on the same page as the average American woman. She’s also completely tapped into our cultural vibe of what’s appropriate right now.

–from: Michelle Obama’s Gap Dress Is More Than a Fashion Statement (The Stir)

Certainly, a lot was made four years ago about Michelle Obama as the first dresser, and her astute sense of how to present herself in times of economic distress. That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been opulent, too. It does mean, however, that she and the President have been sensitive, and smart, about symbolism and setting a tone.

Conversely, given the impression Mitt is just a little out of touch with the 99%, the Romney campaign has had a marvelous opportunity over the past few weeks to help refashion itself, creating more dimensionality and humanity around Ann Romney, wife and mother. The opportunity has been that much more opportune given the chance to also ground Mitt’s aside in Detroit about how many Cadillacs Ann happens to own.

All these factors made this scene from CBS‘s This Morning, otherwise petty, more than just chicken feed.

Stated bluntly: if you use your wife to humanize you and to help relate to the average American, you might want to remind her before sitting down for coffee with the nation NOT to wear her $990 Madison Avenue, Reed Krakoff-designed t-shirt, one so colorfully missing from the closets of 99% of your countrymen (or women). Since this is a tenet of Campaigning 101, it takes very little movement to conclude that the Romneys, like birds of a feather, just don’t get it.

Update: I have to say, the video is also interesting to see “Ann’s filibuster” sorta proving Mitt is that stiff.

(via Styleite)

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