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Business Focus Photo February 29, 2016

Race Optics and the 2016 Academy Awards

Looking more closely at the images, the way the Academy Awards program navigated the race issue wasn't nearly as slick as it seemed.

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BAGannouncements Photo February 28, 2016

Watch the Reading the Pictures Salon: A Look at Early Campaign ’16

Watch our expert Salon panel analyze key photos of the campaign so far.

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Campaign '16 Photo February 26, 2016

The GOP Texas Debate Showdown in a Picture

The bleating message coming from Rubio, Cruz and Treasure Island: Trump is not who he purports to be.

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War & Militarism Photo February 25, 2016

World Press Photo Winners: Mary F. Calvert and Military Sexual Assault

I wanted to focus on the more political side of Mary F. Calvert’s award-winning photo project on women raped or sexually assaulted while serving in the U.S. military.

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Campaign '16 Photo February 24, 2016

Our Top Campaign Pix from S. Carolina to Nevada

Here's our "best of" the presidential campaign over the past few weeks.

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Campaign '16 Photo February 22, 2016

On that Rare Photo Meditating on the GOP Campaign and Race

It's not altogether unusual to see African-Americans at GOP campaign rallies. It is, though, to find the rare photo that calls it out.

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Progress and Catastrophe at the World Press Photo Awards

The winners bring us closer not only to the world as it is, but also to the world as it is unfolding from past to present to future.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Sanders on the *One Hand* and Cruz on *the Other*

Could you find another set of hands that are this charged to set off the other?

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International Focus Photo February 18, 2016

On Warren Richardson’s 2016 World Press Photo of the Year

The achievement of Richardson's World Press winning picture is the equally high level of artistry and story. Simply, it represents what we're seeing more consistently these days: a higher caliber press photograph.

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Between the Sheets: On that Photo of Scalia’s Bed at the Luxury Ranch

Clearly, what we're looking at are now some of the most famous pillows and bed sheets in history.

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Campaign '16 Photo February 16, 2016

From a New Hampshire Primary Photography Workshop

This is the second of two posts based on a pair of campaign workshops held by documentary photographer, Jeff Jacobson.

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Bush Focus Photo

War on Error: Trumping Jeb and George Bush in S. Carolina

Forced into the open by his brother's mess and Trump’s withering attacks, those looks come from having to defend oneself.

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Culture Focus Photo February 15, 2016

The Death of Scalia: Skipping the Mourning Process

Is it possible, with the vitality of Scalia's death stems and the sad parting gaze of the otherwise jovial firebrand, that something else is growing wild here?

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Eco Watch Photo February 12, 2016

On that Startling Flint Photo of 3 African-American Kids Toting Water

Showing kids who could, if not for the skin color, be coming home to Park Avenue from private schools brings home how universal the need for water is.

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Fashion Focus Photo February 11, 2016

Fashion of the Times: The Chastity Belt

It’s sad that pushback comes more in the form of irony from the Fashion Weeks than from the political debate.

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Campaign '16 Photo February 10, 2016

Favorite Instagrams from New Hampshire ’16

These are some of the Instagram shots that jumped out at us from New Hampshire this week.

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Fashion Focus Photo February 8, 2016

Fashion Week: Visions of the 1%

One of the fashion themes this year is that wealth is here to stay.

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Campaign '16 Photo

From an Iowa Caucus Photography Workshop

When we heard documentary photographer Jeff Jacobson was giving workshops during the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, we were intrigued.

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