April 3, 2022
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Chatting the Pictures: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Puts Bad Actors Behind Her

Welcome to Chatting the Pictures. Every two weeks, we present a short, lively video discussion between Michael Shaw, publisher of Reading the Pictures, and writer, professor, and historian, Cara Finnegan, examining a significant picture in the news. Chatting the Pictures is produced by Liliana Michelena.

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About the Video

This photograph was taken by Tom Williams for CQ Roll Call. It shows Judge Jackson passing members of the Senate Judiciary Committee before exiting the chamber during a break in her U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearings on Monday, March 21, 2022.

In the video, we discuss the body language of Jackson and Senator Ted Cruz, her primary antagonist. We focus on the necessity for the judge, especially as a Black woman, to rise above the grandstanding and political leveraging of her nomination hearings. And we draw a contrast to photos from the process that represented Jackson and her family in a more respectful light.

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Michael Shaw

An analyst of news photos and visual journalism, and a frequent lecturer and writer on visual politics, photojournalism and media literacy, Michael is the founder and publisher of Reading the Pictures.

Cara Finnegan

Cara Finnegan is a writer, photo historian, and professor of Communication at the University of Illinois. She has been affiliated with Reading The Pictures for nearly 15 years, most recently as co-host of Chatting The Pictures. Her most recent book is Photographic Presidents: Making History from Daguerreotype to Digital.


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