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Chatting the Pictures Video February 1, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Viral Photo of Winter Firestorm From CO Hospital

It's all there in one painterly photo: winter wildfire, the growing climate threat to the suburbs, and medical workers reduced to spectators.

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Salon Photo October 1, 2016

How Science is Pictured in the Media and Public Culture: A Joint Reading the Pictures/Seeing Science (UMBC) Salon

This joint Reading the Pictures/UMBC Salon is interested in science as a social agenda and how science images are being portrayed in visual culture.

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Notes Photo April 15, 2015

Kickoff Week: Profiling Hillary (and the Parodists)

The amount of posturing, aggressiveness and and even presumption in the Clinton's political DNA notwithstanding, I found the Hillary '16 kickoff parodies way off-key.

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Salon Photo July 11, 2011

John Moore: Surviving the U.S. Recession

We at BagNews are proud to provide this audio slideshow drawing attention to a recession that may have ended on paper, but in practical terms, continues to plague so many Americans. Also, we are pleased to offer this forum to John Moore, a compassionate and truly gifted photographer so...

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Salon Photo December 14, 2010

Brenda Ann Kenneally: Troy, New York – An American Community

BagNewsSalon is pleased to offer this exclusive audio slideshow interview featuring Brenda Ann Kenneally, and a look at a small town America that we rarely see in the traditional media. Her photographs detail the dispiriting circumstances that cycle through generations of young women, a destiny that may have included...

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Salon Photo October 17, 2010

Mike Kamber: Military Censorship — (Update: Winner of POYi Award of Excellence)

Reading the Pictures is pleased to offer this exclusive audio slideshow featuring an interview with Michael Kamber, contract war photographer for the New York Times, and a focused look at the issue of military censorship, including photos he's insisted on being seen.

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Salon Photo May 26, 2010

Jon Lowenstein: Aftershock Haiti

BagNewsSalon presents Jon Lowenstein's photos from Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in his own words.

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Notes Photo April 25, 2010

Ashley Gilbertson: Bedrooms of the Fallen

Photojournalist Ashley Gilbertson has photographed the bedroom of deceased U.S. soldiers for the past three years. Hear him speak about the images in this audio slideshow from BagNewsSalon.

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