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Notes Photo November 2, 2015

The Season’s Most Cynical Political Costume Photo

Of course, it's not outside the realm of possibility the family of this kid understood how xenophobic Trump is.

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Notes Photo September 3, 2012

Romney Crowds Start to Eerily Reflect Norman Rockwell

With the white shirt and skinny tie with the shiny clasp, the crew cuts, the rosy-faced kids, the citizens lined up in a row with their eyes gazing upward, even the Romney’s audiences, now, are starting to look straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. For months, we’ve been...

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Notes Photo October 10, 2010


When you think West Virginia, you think hicks, right?

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Notes Photo January 10, 2010

John and Elizabeth Edwards: Psycho Mutants, or Just Political Run-of-the-Mill?

The critical take-away here is to avoid vilifying or pathologizing John and Elizabeth Edwards, then walking away. The point and the opportunity, instead, (although lost on NY Mag) is to appreciate how much personality framing propagated by the handlers and perpetuated by the media makes it near impossible to...

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Notes Photo December 23, 2009

The Best of the BAG Decade: Heavies and Heroes, Pt. I

(The Best of the Bag Decade is our end of the year, end of the decade look at some of the best BAGnews posts and analysis.) Politicians and newsworthy figures often find themselves analogized with favorable and unflattering figures. Sometimes they do it to themselves.  The BAG archive shows...

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Notes Photo April 15, 2009

Franco, Apparently, Still Dead

There is just too much irony in this photo -- especially after yesterday's likely meaningless news a judicial panel awarded Franken the Minnesota Senate race ... again.    

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Notes Photo March 11, 2009

Palin's Place (Revisited)

Bristol and Levi Johnston have broken up? You're kidding! This award-winning photo by photographer Melina Mara takes us back to Campaign '08's biggest snow job.

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Notes Photo January 10, 2009

Getting The BAG's Inauguration Coverage Started A Little Early

In kicking off our Inauguration coverage, we take a look back at these images from the Inauguration and Counter-Inauguration forty years ago.

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Notes Photo November 20, 2008

Minnesota Recount: Barkley vs. Franken vs. Coleman vs. Lizard People

Why should the so-called experts have all the fun in the Minnesota Senate recount? You make the call.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2008

Your Turn: November 5, 2008. 12:15 A.M.

It's the image I thought best captured this historic and deeply emotional week.

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Notes Photo November 8, 2008

Blue Period

These "Welcome Back" decorations remind me of a child's birthday party, and I don't think the Palin association is an accident.

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Notes Photo November 6, 2008

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

I find this particularly moving, profoundly absorbing and quite sad.

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Notes Photo November 4, 2008

BNN Blogging The Visual Side Of The Election Returns

5:11 PST: CNN showing crowd in Grant Park watching/cheering for themselves on CNN monitors.... 5:31 PST: Still can't figure out that weird electronic chart that Bill Schneider and Soledad O'Brian are playing with.

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Notes Photo

Mario Tama: The Vote From Birmingham

Eighty-one year old Emmitt Coleman sitting on his porch after casting his ballot. (image: ©Mario Tama/Getty.

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Notes Photo

’08 Parting Shots: Seriously, McCain?

It's easy to look at this photo, taken in '07 in Exeter, New Hampshire, and dispense with it as frivolous. On the other hand, its grown increasingly clear -- and will likely be much more so beginning tomorrow -- that McCain's campaign never deserved to be taken that seriously.

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Notes Photo

The Visual Codes Of Racism

Racism is the American tragedy, and as the current political campaign reminds us, it comes in many shades and colors.

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Notes Photo

Your Turn: CKOBAMA.C

This was the image accompanying Monday's NYT Obama campaign story , the next-to-last before the election.... caption: Senator Barack Obama on his plane late Saturday when he arrived in Springfield, Mo., during a final weekend pass through contested states before the election.)

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Notes Photo November 3, 2008

’08 Parting Shots: A Regular Jo(k)e

I was interested to see Josh Marshall call Joe the Plummer a skinhead.

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