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Notes Photo April 8, 2014

Clint Takes Empty Chair to Russia. (No More Fronting For Losers, I Guess)

With the waking of the Russian bear, and with the first stirrings of the US presidential season, too, Russian Esquire hits a home run in remixing its metaphors.

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Notes Photo November 14, 2013

"Biracial Gag Response" In Pictures: A Little Jenga For the 13%

I'm pretty sure the glue that connected Cohen to Romney in my head was the Gallup 13% biracial disapproval stat being bandied around married to Mitt's self-inflicted brouhaha over America's deluded 47%.

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Notes Photo November 6, 2013

Christie: Election Catchup

Sailing with those moderate winds at his back, I imagine he's savoring the slap down.

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Notes Photo January 4, 2013

The New Congress, Women and a Cultural Change That Profound

The wider representation ushered in by the 2012 election has effected that powerful a shift in our political religion.

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Notes Photo December 9, 2012

Obama: The Opposition Is Hard to Make Out

Certainly, there is no reason to doubt it was noisy. Still, combined with the rather dismissive nature of the photo of Obama's lunch with Romney at the White House, the fingers in the ear and the balancing on the chair are fun to think about.

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Notes Photo December 5, 2012

Romney's Bargain Days

Expect the Romneys to star as "the icons of bargain days" -- at least until the paparazzi get tired of chasing them around.

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Notes Photo November 21, 2012

Women Worth Looking At. (Just Ask the GOP!)

On first pass, I saw the Petraeus story as far afield from the Capitol Hill leadership dance. In the way DC plays the image management game, however, perhaps they're not all that far off.

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Notes Photo November 20, 2012

Obama Was Just Smarter. (There, I Said It.)

I understand that discussion of intellect in the current political era is to invite charges of East Coast elitism. Clearly though, the president didn't just win reelection by being right on the issues.

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Notes Photo November 17, 2012

The Most Liked and Tweeted Photo of all Time – Part 2

Excuse us (or others) for "hanging on," but this scene seems to also be bucking for meme status.

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Notes Photo November 14, 2012

The GOP Senate’s Diversity Movement — Such As It Is

I can't decide if the photo is just ironic and all too meager, or it's actually a portrait of warning and incentive,

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Notes Photo November 10, 2012

Thoughts on the Most Liked and Tweeted Photo of all Time

I believe the Obama photo hit home because, after all the vitriol and the spin and the arm twisting, the photo was just so fresh … and loving.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2012

Businessweek and the Obama Age Progression Cover

Taken as a metaphor for the problems facing his administration, will the next four years be a greater challenge than those facing Obama in his first term?

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Notes Photo

Why Is This Man Crying?

From the start, my greatest regret about Obama has been how we deprived him of the two or three more terms in the Senate to equipped him with the experience to match that raw talent and really prime him for the job.

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Notes Photo November 7, 2012

One Pic That Makes a Lot More Sense After Tuesday

Turns out Lindsey Graham was right about the "angry white guy" shortage.

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Notes Photo

Your Turn: Winning Figures

This photo by Andrea Bruce really captured me, but I'm not exactly sure why.

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Notes Photo

The Romney Brain Trust and the Length of the Shadows

Having taken a weak product and injected new life into it, it would be a mistake to see the shadow here as blanketing the operatives equally.

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Notes Photo


If it's easy for him to feel proud of his family, it seemed last night he allowed himself to feel proud of himself, too.

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Notes Photo November 6, 2012

Over the Top … And What's Next

Celebration is easy. On the other hand, the Republicans have some decisions to make.

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