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Notes Photo January 24, 2016

Having Committed to Peace with Iran…

Having built a bridge with Iran, funny how this shows up in the news galleries.

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Notes Photo January 22, 2016

It’s Gucci Meets Starbucks, by God

Our stealth photo of the week. Truly, no one sees this church in the mirror?

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Notes Photo January 11, 2016

A “Moving” Remembrance of David Bowie

This tribute made it seem like the sadness and the unleashing of memories was taking place in one extraordinary arc, one turn.

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Notes Photo January 5, 2016

Has Disaster Gone Modern? New Years Fire & Fireworks in Dubai

Are disasters the trade-off for living in a grander, richer, more technological, more super-sized and more sensational century?

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Notes Photo December 17, 2015

On that Perfectly Real Photo of “Trump and the Muslim Girl”

These photos undermine Trump’s logic at the same time that they elevate domestic (Muslim) American life. In other words, Trump gets trolled.

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Notes Photo December 3, 2015

Status Update: Silicon Valley in the Mirror

If the “Status Update” show was only partly about Silicon Valley and the tension between tech and the rest of the Bay Area, that’s how we read it.

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Notes Photo October 21, 2015

The Visual Promise of Justin Trudeau

We already know Justin Trudeau can make a visual splash. The question is, can he make a difference?

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Notes Photo October 20, 2015

You Say Amusing Halloween Human Interest Photo?

The New York Times photo people do not put just any picture in its “Picture of the Day” gallery.

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Notes Photo September 25, 2015

The Pope’s Congressional Override

What was straight out of a parallel universe was the way our senior legislators, the polarized of the polarized, reacted to the Pope's confrontation in a completely apolitical way.

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Notes Photo September 24, 2015

From D.C., and The Atlantic / Echosight Project: Mashing the American Dream

In this complex photograph, we see threads of American exceptionalism as well as reaching on the Washington Mall.

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Notes Photo September 22, 2015

What Lesson Suspending Kids for Wearing Confederate Flag?

Does the suspension of Christiansburg, Virginia teenagers actually undermine academic discipline and miss a perfect teaching moment?

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Notes Photo September 14, 2015

Past the Reminders: The Life-Threatening NFL

We’re way past the point where an image like this simply serves as a reminder of the problem.

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Notes Photo September 11, 2015

On 9/11: A New Ground Zero Photo. Five Kids on Bikes.

This remarkable photo, taken 9/12/01, is even more interesting appearing in a year wracked by racial protest and the emergence of #blacklivesmatter.

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Notes Photo September 8, 2015

Colbert: Fit to Be Untied

What we're seeing in this photograph is the look of a person who's reached a tipping point.

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Notes Photo September 3, 2015

Christian Conservative “Counter Logic”: That Kim Davis Photo and God’s Law

This photograph of Kim Davis denying gay people equal treatment under the law by appealing to the dictates of her own conscience is a picture of the snake eating its own tail.

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Notes Photo July 29, 2015

Selfie Finger-Wagging on Mars? or, Something Lighter and Earthlier Than That?

So, can I tell you what the photo made me think about … apart from any issue about photography?

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Notes Photo

Classic Misdirection: The State’s Sanctimonious Sandra Bland Jail Video Play-by-Play

If what we're presumed to have now is full visual disclosure, I'd say the state has an even bigger credibility problem on its hands than it had before.

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Notes Photo June 29, 2015

Amazing Grace: Key Scenes From Obama to Newsome, ACA to Pride

And with the funerals and the dignity emanating from Charleston in the aftermath of the racist church massacre in Charleston, what with Obama's sermon, Bree Newsome and the two momentous Supreme Court decisions, by the weekend, it was like "ACA Meets Pride Meets Black Lives Matter."

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