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Notes Photo December 21, 2021

2021 as the Tipping Point: So Much for the Pioneer Spirit

2021 represented a climate change tipping point. In recounting key visual markers, we call out two images from the Dixie Fire.

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Notes Photo November 21, 2021

2021 as the Tipping Point: Doubled Over By Ida

2021 was a climate tipping point. And among the catastrophes, this blow from Hurricane Ida seemed to speak to a larger fate.

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Chatting the Pictures Video February 28, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: A Telling Photo of a Cold Stricken Texas and the Heat About a Blackout

Blackout photos got Texans steaming after a historic freeze knocked out heat, power, and water. This picture proves telling in every detail.

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Notes Photo September 17, 2020

Whirling Fire Storm Photo: The New Unfathomable

Fire photos this ominous come at a premium. But this photo from California captures the new otherworldly state of the climate crisis.

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Notes Photo September 16, 2020

Global Heating and Fire: California Jumps the Gap

It's not just a bad fire season. These photos both symbolize and demonstrate how California has crossed a critical climate threshold.

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Chatting the Pictures Video September 10, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Viral “Covid Meets California Firestorm” Photo

In our latest video, we discuss how this photo delivers a powerful commentary on COVID-19, and a compounding global climate crisis.

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Chatting the Pictures Video August 28, 2020

Chatting the Pictures: Iowa’s Derecho, Another Massively Destructive Climate Event

The photo circulated widely after the derecho in Iowa. In this highlight video, we discuss the contrast between beauty and destruction.

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Notes Photo September 22, 2019

Capturing the Audacity of Climate Youth

Most climate strike photos capture the passion and urgency of young activists. This shot speaks to their audacity.

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Notes Photo April 29, 2019

How Climate Change is and isn’t Fueling the U.S. Border Crisis: These Pictures aren’t that Simple

With all the visual attention given to the "caravan," how powerful to see mass migration also depicted by people taking hold of a place.

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Notes Photo October 16, 2017

Has Climate Change Killed the California Dream?

California is used to the edge. With the multi-year drought and now these firestorms, however, I'm wondering if climate change has tipped the scale.

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Notes Photo September 12, 2017

Monster Hurricanes and Eco Disaster Photos: The Indecisive Moment

These eco disaster photos allow us to take account of the slow consequences of Harvey and Irma. The fact they defy closure is the whole point.

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Notes Photo August 31, 2017

Harvey Unprecedented? What About 2 Weeks Ago in Sierra Leone?

Although Harvey's impact seems to be mercifully smaller in ways than recent monster storms overseas, these events call for larger ways to scale them.

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Notes Photo December 5, 2016

On the Mirrors at Standing Rock

The symbolism of a mirror capturing law enforcement at the top of a ridge seems pretty straightforward, right?

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Notes Photo August 18, 2016

Some Thoughts on the Louisiana Flood Pictures

It's hard not to look at the photos of the historic flooding in Louisiana outside the frame of the presidential campaign and our national identity.

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Notes Photo April 21, 2015

Mediterranean Crisis: Ecology is About People, Too

Isn't it curious how people tend to think about "ecology" as it relates to plants and air and water and less in terms of humanity and how much we look out for each other.

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Notes Photo September 4, 2013

What’s So Impressive About Joe Raedle’s Climate Change Slide Show at the Denver Post

Like it or not, the photo story defies the simplistic treatment of the doomsday piece. If surprising for how politically incorrect it is, Greenlanders seem to see more than a silver lining to climate change.

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Notes Photo January 12, 2013

Climate Change Apocalypse "Picture of the Week"

No place safe on land.

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