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Notes Photo February 15, 2017

Overshadowed by his Photo: The Afterlives of Omran Daqneesh

Omran's suffering essentially disappeared at the very moment the image of it became visible.

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Notes Photo January 11, 2011

The Haiti Earthquake +1

Mario Tama has been commemorating ritual anniversaries by returning to specific places and re-photographing scenes he had captured before. On this one year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, the images quietly express the overarching present reality of an event that so galvanized the world a year ago.

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Notes Photo January 5, 2011

I Love This Photo of Fabienne Jean. And That's What Worries Me. (Updated Again.)

Even though the NYT article completely downplays it, Ms. Jean is not a Haitian everywoman, thus someone randomly singled out by The Times as a lucky recipient of international care and aid. Rather, she is a beautiful and known Haitian, the kind who has drawn this kind of...

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Notes Photo August 5, 2010

Brendan Hoffman: Haiti Far From The Madding Crowd

The fifth and last of Brendan Hoffman's series from Haiti six months after the earthquake. If so many Haitian farmers hadn't been driven off their land by cheap foreign goods, these photos would represent many more who survived the quake in the capital and were living a sustainable rural...

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Notes Photo July 26, 2010

Brendan Hoffman: Eyes on Haiti's Rapes

They were willing to identify themselves to a foreign journalist and tell their stories: "They felt that, at least someone is asking and concerned," but Brendan felt, "I wanted to preserve their anonymity as much as possible. So I shot really tight and cropped in on the eyes." Because this...

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Notes Photo July 23, 2010

Brendan Hoffman From Haiti: Rubble Yell

Part III: Brendan Hoffman in Haiti

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Notes Photo July 19, 2010

Brendan Hoffman: About Those Haitian Smiles

The second reason I wanted to return to Brendan Hoffman's recent images from Haiti is to reinforce the picture of the Haitian character. What we don't see in these two photographs, in the smiles, are a people either in denial of their circumstances or consumed to the core by...

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Notes Photo July 12, 2010

Brendan Hoffman: Haiti, Six Months Later

Photographer Brendan Hoffman returns to Haiti, six months after the earthquake.

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Salon Photo May 26, 2010

Jon Lowenstein: Aftershock Haiti

BagNewsSalon presents Jon Lowenstein's photos from Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in his own words.

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Notes Photo April 1, 2010

The Presidents of Haiti

It almost looks like a good news/bad news quiz the way the Clintons are coming to take another pass at Haiti.

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Notes Photo March 11, 2010

Haiti: Strictly Bananas

The BAG takes a look at the visual and racial politics of a cluster of U.N. photos from Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

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Notes Photo February 23, 2010

"If you had seen the faces of those children as we loaded them onto the airplane, you wouldn’t have asked a lot of questions, either.” (Gov. Rendell)

A photo of supposed Haitian orphans being transported to Pittsburgh takes on a completely different feeling now that officials are finally digging into who they are.

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Notes Photo February 20, 2010

Haiti: But She Can Sweep

  These are not the practices of state action or global mobilization by state and non-governmental organizations; instead, they are the simple habits of life.

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Notes Photo February 11, 2010

How Many News Stories Do You See About It When Haitians Get Pissed Off…

Not Seeing Quite As Many Reports Of Those Haitians Getting Pretty Pissed Off In a Constructive Way.

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Notes Photo February 9, 2010

The Politics of Aid

The largest contingent of medical relief workers in Haiti since the January 12th earthquake? The Cubans.

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Notes Photo February 7, 2010

Haiti: "Nobody in Charge" (As Far As U.S. Is Concerned)

It's like "Where's Waldo?" -- except the guy we can't find is René Préval.

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Salon Photo

BagNewsSalon: Haiti Aftermath

This BAGnewsSalon examined a small group of images from the week following the devastating Haitian earthquake, considering: the boundaries of the graphic and sensational; how much the pictures presented a representative versus generic or stereotyped view of the Haitian people; and whether the pictures overly skewed toward human suffering...

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Notes Photo February 4, 2010

It Feels So Good To Help

"What happens to poor countries when they embrace free trade? In Haiti in 1986 we imported just 7000 tons of rice, the main staple food of the country. The vast majority was grown in Haiti. In the late 1980s Haiti complied with free trade policies advocated by the international...

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