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Notes Photo November 6, 2014

Remains of the Campaign: John Moore's Detention Photo from McAllen, Texas

Excuse me for the association, the frustration fueled by the myopia surrounding fundamental social issues otherwise staring us in the face.

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Notes Photo June 26, 2014

Pictures Beyond the Veil: The Hijab and Free Choice

Although compulsary veiling is certainly a violation of women’s civil rights, the act of unveiling can similarly obscure women’s identities.

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Notes Photo March 12, 2013

Getting Pinked: Arizona (Still) Using "Emasculation Jail" in Anti-Immigration Fight

Getty photographer John Moore is thoroughly right to call out the tactic of humiliation in the treatment of undocumented immigrant detainees in Phoenix. What's even more troubling, however, is that this is not a new story.

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Notes Photo March 9, 2013

Deploying Drones in the Homeland …and the Biggest Fear's the Budget?

Tailoring the story toward economics, the edit banks hard around the militarization and instead takes dead aim at budget strife.

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Notes Photo January 31, 2013

Immigration (Through the Conservative Windshield)

What does the GOP see when they consider immigration?

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Notes Photo January 17, 2013

A Few Photos From Newtown: Crisis Dogs and Ties that Bind

At least two photos from Newtown stood out to us this week, each a measure of that grief the community is suffering through.

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Notes Photo September 19, 2012

Dear Occupy: Sorry We Missed Your Birthday

Because the conditions that motivated Occupy's existence remain largely unchanged from a year ago, it's truly painful to see the protests in the streets of Manhattan this week ignored as "same ol' same ol'," and primarily dismissed as a birthday party.

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Notes Photo May 4, 2012


It takes a photographer as sure and serious as Getty's John Moore to pull off a photo like this....

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Notes Photo February 12, 2012

The Great Recession in Moore Depth

Looking for photographs that tackle this brutal recession, one of the first names that comes to mind -- for eloquence as well as diligence -- is Getty's John Moore, recognized this week with a World Press Photo award.

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Salon Photo July 11, 2011

John Moore: Surviving the U.S. Recession

We at BagNews are proud to provide this audio slideshow drawing attention to a recession that may have ended on paper, but in practical terms, continues to plague so many Americans. Also, we are pleased to offer this forum to John Moore, a compassionate and truly gifted photographer so...

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Notes Photo May 7, 2011

Sexy Seals and the Bin Laden Kill: Our Viagra Moment

It's early yet, but I expect this sensuous photo presages something bigger and more powerful in America than just the immortalization of last Saturday’s raid and the lionizing of the ultra-warrior Navy Seals.

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Notes Photo December 19, 2010

Paranoid DREAM

Ever offering the visual rejoinder to political posturing, Getty's John Moore has been picturing the increased U.S. employment of force on the Arizona border.

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Notes Photo December 8, 2010

Picturing Disaster These Days

Even if the drawing is all about global warming, I still can't help but think how much 9/11 and terrorism permeates our culture's orientation to disaster.

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Notes Photo October 23, 2010

John Moore’s Detention Photos: We Just Lost

Love the war or hate the war, drawing us into the body of that soldier and then having us consider that image through his eyes is just crushing.

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Notes Photo September 5, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Let's see, what are my options?

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Notes Photo July 28, 2010

Arizona Update: Coat Check

John Moore/Getty Images Here’s the latest from Getty’s John Moore in trying to get his arms (or lens, rather) around the battle in Arizona. The photo, taken yesterday, shows Mexican immigrant Jose Manuel in Nogales (that’s Nogales on the Mexico side, not the Arizona side). According to Mr. Manuel,...

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Notes Photo July 27, 2010

SB1070, Coming to a Theater Near You

Joshua Lott, Reuters Two days before the Arizona immigration bill becoming law, lets pay homage to State Senator Russell Pearce, the author of the legislation, not just for demonstrating his own narcissism in sitting for this portrait, but for helping usher in this law with a harsh, warped and...

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Salon Photo July 10, 2010

BagNewsSalon: The Great Oil Spill

Slideshow, video archive and selected quotes from the online BagNewsSalon: Looking at America's Great Oil Spill, held Sunday, July 18. Featuring John Moore - photographer/Getty Pictures; Erika Blumenfeld - Artist and Documentary Photographer; Kari Goodnough - photographer/Bloomberg Photos; Loret Steinberg - Professor of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography/R.I.T.; Nathan Stormer...

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