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Notes Photo May 25, 2010

BP CEO Hayward Trying not to Step in it

In this one self-protective gesture, BP CEO Tony Hayward totally gives himself away.

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Notes Photo March 12, 2010

Construction is Booming! The Recovery has Arrived!

The construction industry has recovered. It's just a little further east than anybody at home would like.

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Notes Photo February 11, 2010

How Many News Stories Do You See About It When Haitians Get Pissed Off…

Not Seeing Quite As Many Reports Of Those Haitians Getting Pretty Pissed Off In a Constructive Way.

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Notes Photo February 7, 2010

Haiti: "Nobody in Charge" (As Far As U.S. Is Concerned)

It's like "Where's Waldo?" -- except the guy we can't find is René Préval.

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Notes Photo December 13, 2009

The Particular Darkness of Our Great Recession

With Larry Summers schmoozing the unemployment numbers, and with the administration jawboning the banks to somehow self-police themselves while otherwise enabling them to maintain business as usual, the fallout continues desperately, disasterously and mostly under-the-radar.

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Notes Photo November 22, 2009

Birther Attack Gets a Fort Hood Twist

By tying in Fort Hood, Phil Wolf's birther billboard constructed at his Colorado auto lot takes the "Obama as a closet Muslim" (or "Obama as secret Jihadist") scare tactic to a whole new and much sicker level.

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Notes Photo September 26, 2009

Outside the Pittsburgh G20: Bats in Hand

Police action at the Pittsburgh G-20 proves more than a game.

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Notes Photo September 18, 2009


If a health bill, in the form of an "ode to the Republicans," passes the Congress and all pipelines to services for illegal (and even less-than-five year legal) immigrants are cut off, does the next version of this story offer men simply keeling over in "our" spinach?

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Notes Photo September 9, 2009

Obama’s Speech, The Health Care Wars and The Fluorescent Light of the Here-and-Now

As the health care debate alternately evolves and devolves, I savor every image infusing right-wing myth-making with a jolt of reality.

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Notes Photo September 1, 2009

End of Life: A Process, Not An Act

Just like the Remote Area Medical clinic images a few weeks back provided a sobering counterpoint to the townhall cranks, Getty's John Moore delivers a series offering a dose of reality to the "death panel" hysteria.

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Notes Photo August 13, 2009

Health Care: Passing Look at a Remote Area

Pardon the break from the public hysteria over health care for this sobering dose of reality.

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Notes Photo August 10, 2009

Health Care Sandwich

If you watch the video from the local news station, you can tell how tense the scene was with Perlmutter -- at one point -- having to cajole the mob elements to settle down. With hostility all around and picture captions identify most of the citizens present as critics...

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Notes Photo July 3, 2009

Arnold Watch: Oh Captain, My Captain

  The beauty of Getty photographer John Moore's image of Schwarzenegger's press conference/photo op as he blasts the legislature while upping state worker furloughs and issuing tax refund, bank and vendor IOU's?

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Notes Photo June 7, 2009

Eviction Update

  One has only to glimpse this image to intuit the question: how many people suffering the recession are just barely keeping their heads above water?

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Notes Photo February 6, 2009

More Unraveling

This post is a follow-up to one featured yesterday, offering the powerful images of photojournalist John Moore, powerful evidence of this cruel recession, and one family's unwarranted eviction.

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Notes Photo February 5, 2009

The Great Unraveling

Mary Ann Smith collects some belongings after an eviction team removed the furniture from her foreclosed house. This is a scene of personal desolation.  

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