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Notes Photo February 1, 2009

Pfizer/Viagra's Handy CEO

This BAGnewsNotes slideshow, featuring the images of Getty photographer Mario Tama, looks at CEOs, especially as they come under new scrutiny from the administration and the press. The images were captured at press conference last week featuring Pfizer CEO Jeffrey B. Kindler and Bernard Poussot, CEO of Wyeth. Pfizer...

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Notes Photo January 19, 2009

On To Washington

Here in Birmingham, photographer Mario Tama is again tracing the sights, symbols and echoes of the civil rights movement in marking Martin Luther King Day and the Obama inauguration.

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Notes Photo November 4, 2008

Mario Tama: The Vote From Birmingham

Eighty-one year old Emmitt Coleman sitting on his porch after casting his ballot. (image: ©Mario Tama/Getty.

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Notes Photo November 3, 2008

Mario Tama: The Picture From Birmingham

Following up yesterday's image here of college students retracing the "Bloody Sunday" march across the Edmund Pettis Bridge, Mario forwarded this powerful photo from Birmingham.

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Notes Photo November 2, 2008

Campaign ’08 Final Weekend 3: Saturday’s Best Contrast of How Obama – McCain Shaped Up

George Allen versus Selma? You couldn't give me a more dramatic contrast of how Obama - McCain shaped up.

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Notes Photo June 27, 2008

Picture Of Unity

Given the thoroughness of Team Obama, I can't help wondering how much yesterday's color scheme in Unity was inspired by  some careful location scouting.

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Notes Photo February 6, 2008

Your Turn: San Diego

Given our mission at BAGnewsNotes,  we have a unique opportunity in the coming days to consider and analyze -- from the beginning -- how the media goes about visually framing McCain.

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Notes Photo December 22, 2007

N.O. Demolition

On Thursday, over intense public opposition, the NO city council approved HUD's plan to demolish 4500 units of public housing and replace them with "mixed income development."  Photographer Mario Tama -- who has been documenting one of the existing projects on and off for the past 6 months...

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Notes Photo December 16, 2007

Obama Enters The Safe Zone. (Or: At Least We No Longer Have To Hear About Those Soccer Moms)

Perhaps it goes without saying that gender and race are generating plenty of ink this primary season.  In this picture, however, it isn’t a matter of either race or gender but about their intersections, in this case about white anxieties about black masculinity.

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