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Notes Photo February 5, 2010

Friday Your Turn: Baaaaad to the Bone

What is it about the "demon sheep" that is causing so much buzz?

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Notes Photo January 21, 2010

Obama at One Year

Having watched Obama closely, what I see in the picture is a man whose every action is ultimately governed by one factor, which is: whether he'll be able to get up the next day and still look himself in the eye.

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Notes Photo January 5, 2010

American ADD

Crotch bombers! scanner! underwear! Yemen! Yemen! Yemen! ...Oops sorry, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, America's got a serious problem with ADD.

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Notes Photo December 14, 2009

Lieberman: Palin’s Alter

Yeah, I do see Lieberman as akin to Palin, both wired to be as attention-seeking, dramatic and subversive as possible.

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Notes Photo November 5, 2009

Killing Ourselves

If Nidal Hasan lost his mind (as opposed to "crossing over to the enemy") just preceding the killing spree at Ft. Hood, this photo offers some context for it.

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Notes Photo October 8, 2009

This Way or the Hanway

Given our enigmatic President, how do we understand this photo op with Cigna's $12 million dollar (a year) CEO?

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Notes Photo October 7, 2009

Artful New Attack Meme: Obama's "Indecision"

Is Obama really that indecisive (or "leisurely," as McCain call it, as soldiers are dying in Afghanistan) or is this just a new attack meme?

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Notes Photo September 28, 2009

Ahmadinejad: Lie To Me

Check out what Ahmadinejad does with his face during a live interview with TIME after discovering he'd been busted hiding the existence of a nuclear development facility from the U.N.

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Notes Photo September 10, 2009

More Health Care Joint Session: Obama’s Psych 101

I think what inflames Republican senators more than anything is Obama's capacity to draw true feelings of empathy and concern out of them (thus throwing them into heightened, if momentary conflict with their hard-baked selves).

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Notes Photo August 12, 2009

Underlying Shame?

Even if the majority of the people showing up at these health care meetings are furious at their Congresspeople and Senators, I'm noticing an interesting trait in the photos -- shame.

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Notes Photo August 2, 2009

Michelle Malkin with the Sound Off

In the tradition of Limbaugh or Colter, Michelle Malkin's anger is always looking to break through to the surface, and when it does, it's often palpable to the point of paranoia.

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Notes Photo July 22, 2009

The Obama Psyche: Big Tent (Vs. Harry’s Tent)

Do you think Obama is all that interested in reaching out to the LDS or, is this just politics as usual, given that Harry Reid is a devout follower, and the highest politically-elected Mormon in the U.S. government?

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Notes Photo May 5, 2009

1, 2 And 3, For Sure

My guess is that Specter never anticipated the psychological impact of jumping parties and is currently and frenetically "rapid cycling" between the stages of 1.) denial and isolation, 2.) anger, 3.) bargaining, 4.) depression, and 5.) acceptance.

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Notes Photo May 4, 2009

Condi … Beyond The 4th Grade

Whereas Condi Rice, too, was always bumbling over herself to find the right "diplomatic" words, here -- with her guard down, and torture "on the table" -- she is suddenly perfectly articulate, if thoroughly contemptuousness.

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Notes Photo September 23, 2008

The Coil

I'm convinced McCain believes he's a moderate guy.  I don't think he's in touch at all with the way he fires up.

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Notes Photo September 2, 2008

The Connection Between John McCain And Bristol Palin

What resonates in this photo -- in John McCain's over-the-top chuckle and his focus on Bristol Palin -- is how much McCain's impulsive, yet potentially world changing decision to ask Bristol's mom onto the ticket without vetting her echoes Bristol's impulsive act of getting pregnant

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Notes Photo August 21, 2008

The Definitive Answer To: "How Many Houses Did John Own?"

The way McCain's people are now compulsively using his POW experience as an all-purpose shield, the question: How many houses did John own? must inevitably link back to his time as a prisoner.

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Notes Photo July 31, 2008

The Telltale Heart

At the psychological core of McCain's demeaning and racist video attack on Obama Wednesday, we have McCain actively staining Obama, then fingering Obama for the blotch.  What the photographer and the photographs point to, and what McCain seems to unavoidably telegraph, is his outright blemish.

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