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Notes Photo February 5, 2010

TV Party Movement

Stephen Crowley captures the thrust of the "no-there there" Tea Party Convention, and the party itself, in one take: It's about theatrics.

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Notes Photo February 4, 2010

Fun and Games at the National Prayer Breakfast

I had a great time this morning looking at pictures from the National Prayer Breakfast and comparing the radically different spin....

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Notes Photo January 26, 2010

The Look for Winter, Spring and, especially, Fall

W previewed mid-term voter sentiment back in November.

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Notes Photo January 7, 2010

Stupak: Walking Forward in that Light?

Now, I don't know if Congressman Stupak typically dials the phone with his middle finger, but I'd otherwise say he's actually pretty conflicted about the Obama era.

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Notes Photo December 17, 2009

Rousing The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party: (Or, What Part of "NO" Don’t You Understand?)

After Governor Dean threw down the progressive gauntlet earlier in the week in challenging the health care sell-out, Senator Franken carried the new found sense of "NO" into the Senate chamber Thursday giving the legislative anarchist, Joe Lieberman, a taste of his own medicine.

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Notes Photo December 15, 2009


Narcissist Joe Lieberman has moved to center stage in the dramatic Senate health care countdown.

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Notes Photo November 24, 2009

Palin’s Bragging Rites

A look at two photos from Palin's book tour appearance at Fort Bragg. (Why she was able to exploit the installation is beyond me.)

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Notes Photo November 23, 2009

Commandant Beck Not Joking Anymore

Using his "latest-book" tour as the field test for a new (yep, Palin-esque) identity, Glenn Beck proposes to transform himself from screaming (faux-) media pundit into full-fledged political activist.

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Notes Photo November 21, 2009

In The Religion Section

I came across an interestingly composed photo of a Palin book signing event published on her Facebook feed.

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Notes Photo November 20, 2009

When is Piper Next Going to Have a Normal Halloween?

If anyone out there still somehow entertains the notion that the Palin children aren't media props, consider the question: When is Piper next going to have a "normal" Halloween?

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Notes Photo November 7, 2009

Height of Irresponsibility

In a flaunting and thoroughly cyncial act caught in DC on Friday, we see a GOP Congressman literally throwing (health)care (legislation) to the wind. ... John Culberson, R-Texas throws the Health Care bill to the crowd on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009, during a health care...

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Notes Photo November 5, 2009

Ron Ron Ron, Ron Ron Away

Even if Steele is a blowhard... maybe these guys (cut to Reagan) aren't all that stupid.

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Notes Photo

Paging Dr. Dean

  Talk about the dregs, Tim Keane, the drubbing in the Virginia Governors race, and the Democrats poor use of imaging.

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Notes Photo November 3, 2009

Election/Anniversary Take-Aways

At Obama's 1 year mark: Exhibit A in valiant effort to usher in new era of post-partisanship. (...And mostly downhill from there.)

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Notes Photo

Election Day: Drawing Conclusions

Are today's elections really a referendum on Obama or is it about "throwing the bums out?"

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Notes Photo November 1, 2009

Douglas L. Hoffman’s America

  Doug Hoffman, this week's now fuel-injected darling of the radical right, offers a model of America straight out of Andy of Mayberry.

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Notes Photo October 29, 2009

GOP Health Care Snapshot

If thise Getty photo is supposed to show House Minority Leader John Boehner flanked by House Republicans speaking about the healthcare reform bill, it's really a cartoon.

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Notes Photo October 28, 2009

Can’t Brooke the Stonewalling

A brilliant photo op and political tactic today Obama honoring former GOP Senator Edward Brooke in the Capitol rotunda.

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