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Notes Photo August 10, 2015

On the Photo Coverage of the One Year Anniversary of the Ferguson Crisis and the Death of Michael Brown

I was looking and hoping for imagery that got underneath the more stereotyped depiction of violence, anger and despair.

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Notes Photo May 19, 2015

Seeing the End of America's Homeland Paramilitary Highlight Reel?

On April 21st of last year, the media offered us at least three police assault missions, two in Ferguson and the other in Denver. And not one required calling out the army.

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Notes Photo March 17, 2015

How We Look at the Black Man Who May or May Not Have Been Shooting at Two Officers in Ferguson

One would hope that editors would understand the moral and political liability of framing Williams as a protester, tainting the rallies and protests in Ferguson by suggesting the shooting of the officers was intentional, retaliatory or racially-motivated.

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Notes Photo January 25, 2015

Eyeing Congress: Reid Battered, Not Beaten

Harry Reid has earned his reputation as a fighter mostly because of his unflinching insistence on the Democrats' chances.

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Notes Photo January 7, 2015

David Butow, Ferguson and the Crisis, in Our Media Culture, of Seeing What's There

The events are so complicated, so charged with racial history and people's personal experience that it's like the movie Rashomon, there is no single correct way of looking at them.

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Notes Photo December 29, 2014

Pictures That Lead: Race and Law Enforcement a Lot More Complex Than NYPD vs. de Blasio

Media doesn't do the public or the culture any favors in focusing so overwhelmingly on street battles and gotcha imagery.

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Notes Photo December 25, 2014

Looking Back on '14 With Compassion and Depth

I've been continually moved this year by imagery that took difficult situations and found a deeper human element.

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Notes Photo December 21, 2014

NYPD Apostrophe "T"

If pro-police demonstrators were seen wearing t-shirts mockingly pushing back on the #ICan'tBreathe meme, yesterday's act has completely altered the atmosphere.

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Notes Photo December 3, 2014

… the more things stay the same.

The photograph stands as notice that the problem of black-white relations is the true American tragedy.

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Notes Photo November 29, 2014

Black Friday: Ferguson Goes to the Mall

After the post 9/11 admonition to "go shopping," how striking to see the National Guard called in to defend big retail.

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Notes Photo November 26, 2014

Under Siege, Those Dancing Blacks and Acrobatic Palestinians

If I believed the world had that much more sensitivity, I would think these photos would be recognized and celebrated as empathetic to the largely black residents of Ferguson or to Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.

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Notes Photo November 25, 2014

Mike Brown as Super Human: Wilson’s Testimony in the Echo of Lichtenstein’s Death Pile Photo

Human intuition being that much a marvel, Andrew's photo came back to me in a way that almost struck me dumb.

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Notes Photo

Last Night's "No Indictment" Visual Rage: Ferguson's, Twitter's, Ours & Everybody Else's

This prime time, night time, #Ferguson cable countdown a disgrace and an insult to all Americans

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Notes Photo November 23, 2014

Prejudice in Ferguson: Zun Lee's White Cop

Suddenly, the agent of the state is more another young man, one out there alone, a little bit vulnerable perhaps.

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Notes Photo November 17, 2014

The Ferguson Bigger Picture: Tokenism at Best

With all eyes on Ferguson to find out if Darren Wilson will be indicted for shooting Michael Brown, what these photos address is perhaps a more intractable problem: the enduring lack of representation and the symbolism in its place.

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Notes Photo October 21, 2014

News Photos: Has Lack of Context Reached a Tipping Point? (And Ferguson Protesters Did WHAT w US Flag?!)

Essentially what we have from a media standpoint — a picture worth a thousand words, and the caption not that many -- are black people rampaging with Old Glory.

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Notes Photo October 12, 2014

And We'll Get Back to Those Slain Black Youths Right After Baseball

It’s a troubling commentary on our cultural and media priorities that the civil rights story and the playoff hoopla have been so seamlessly grafted.

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