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President Obama Photo November 30, 2010

GOP Pow-Wow: The Administration's View

Well, this morning we brought you the GOP's best foot forward. Tonight, we've got the Administration's view of the post-mid-term Obama - GOP power breakfast (with a little annotation from The Bag).

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Treaties, Credit Taking and our So-Called Democratic Culture

The above photograph is nearly fifty years old and I doubt very many people have ever seen it before—or can identify the event that it marks. I couldn’t. Nevertheless, it is interesting for several reasons.

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First Look at GOP-Obama Tête à Tête

I'm getting a kick out of this wire photo from what's been informally billed as the first post-shellacking GOP-Obama Summit.

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International Focus Photo November 29, 2010

World Media Sinks to TMZ Level over Wiki-leaked Diplo-Chatter

It seems the flood of unvarnished diplo-chatter revealed by the latest Wikileaks leak has provided media, especially visual media, a field day to dish dirt on world leaders rather than really dig for photos that cast a clearer light on all the new information.

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Leaks? What Leaks?

When did reality, let alone the threat to U.S. security, ever get in the way of the opportunity to stonewall a Democratic president?

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Culture Focus Photo November 27, 2010

Your Turn: Picture of a Decade

Does this look like the decade to you?

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Making Sure Our Priorities are Safely in Order

"But can you afford all that junk?" the girl with the cell asks.

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President Obama Photo November 26, 2010

Obama: Taking it on the Lip

Of course, nobody would go so far as to draw political symbolism from Obama getting his lip split open on the b-ball court today, would they?

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Disaster Focus Photo November 25, 2010

Spencer Platt: Journey Through Cholera

Spencer Platt describes the moral uneasiness of working in Haiti during cholera outbreak.

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President Obama Photo November 24, 2010

Favorite Obama Thanksgiving Eve Pics. (Pardon Us in Advance.)

What the pardon ceremony says about Team Obama, and (what looks to us like) Madame Tussauds' preview of the 2011 Obama - Congress showdown.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo November 23, 2010

Afghanistan: What You (Think You) See Is What You Get (I Guess)

In light of Petraeus hyping a series of major meetings with what turns out to be a Taliban imposter, excuse me for feeling the urge to modify the caption of this four-week-old wire photo

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With the slow news period and now the impending Thanksgiving holiday representing a huge ADD crisis for a country and a media wired for controversy and obviously bored with more complex issues such as the war in Afghanistan (or Washington, even), the TSA brouhaha (especially as it deliciously intersects...

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Trail of Two War Medals

I'm especially drawn to the two seats of power, and how much the Stock Exchange has become a primary platform for celebrating our warriors -- cultural commodities and impermanent icons that they are.

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Photo November 22, 2010

Haiti: Still Worse

A horrific metaphor, one more cruel for the way it's so indistinguishable from January...

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President Obama Photo November 21, 2010

The Ongoing Very Public Re-Evaluation of Barack Obama

We only have one question....

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International Focus Photo November 20, 2010

I’m Too Sexy for My NATO

Can't believe I'm saying this, but the conservatives are hot.

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The Order of the Day

I'm interested in why these scenes, and this experience, of course, has created the firestorm it has.

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President Obama Photo November 19, 2010

Gang Hero, Really? Why Racist Stereotypes of Obama Are So Off-the-Mark

By this point in Obama's presidency, it's pretty clear to most people (except the most lizard-brained) that the racist/gang attack is a straw man. But if that's the case, then why do it?

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