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BAGannouncements Photo April 30, 2011

The Donald Revised

Of course, it would be a complete delusion to even assume that one word, or one cover, could effect a U-turn when it comes to the treatment and cultural platform afforded these types of actors, but it's a wonderful wish.

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Culture Focus Photo April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Interpretations #2

Perhaps this photo was so intensely popular because fantasy is out-of-style.

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Royal Wedding Interpretations

The Boston Globe nailed it... it's a do-over.

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Chris Hondros Photo April 28, 2011

Remembering Chris Hondros, Part III: Tal Afar

Edward Wong of the New York Times shares the story of Chris Hondros's photographs documenting the accidental killing of Iraqi civilians by American troops in Iraq.

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

What goes around, comes around.

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The Gurney

There but not there. This photo seems to capture the ambiguous media status of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima.

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President Obama Photo April 27, 2011

The Birther-tificate

Anyway, given the 12% of the population of The U-nit-ed States of A-merica that the release of this document is totally wasted on, I can imagine them doing their carnival thing with any one of these points.

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Chernobyl and the Spirit World

Chernobyl is now a ghost town, which is one reason this mural is so powerful. The photographic record documents one abandoned habitat after another: schools, hospitals, office buildings, homes, everything had to be abandoned. Harder to capture are the many illnesses, deformities, and deaths caused by the...

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Alan Chin Photo April 26, 2011

Remembering Chris Hondros, Part II

Alan Chin, Scout Tufankjian, and Stephanie Sinclair share their memories of Chris Hondros.

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"Hit and Run" on the Liberals – The 2012 Model

What are we supposed to think about this illustration, coming from a city powered by Wall Street, as we careen into another election season with the central tenants of the New Deal seemingly stacked at the stop light?

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International Focus Photo April 25, 2011

Afghanistan: Holey War

The clueless gaze of the Afghan military guy with his little notebook only adds to the haplessness of this metaphor.

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Remembering Chris Hondros, Part I

Tim Fadek, Spencer Platt, Nicole Tung, and Gary Fabiano share their thoughts on Chris Hondros.

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Campaign '12 Photo

In the Hunt-sman

Differentiating one's self from the GOP ho-hum.

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Campaign '04 Photo

Some of My Favorite Chris Hondros Photos #2: John Kerry Live

If Hondros had a way of relating to people that was rare for a photojournalist, perhaps it was rare for Kerry, too.

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Protest Focus Photo April 24, 2011

GOP Home For Recess. Media: Where's the Blood?

Hmm, two stories, one by the LA Times and other by Politico, about the same Pennsylvania Congressman with trouble in his backyard. If House Republicans were getting chainsawed back home for threatening Medicare, Social Security and the like, though, this photo -- accompanying the LAT story --was the only...

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Business Focus Photo April 23, 2011

We're Sorry

Apparently, corporate responsibility has a strikingly different face to it in Japan than it does in America.

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Some of My Favorite Chris Hondros Photos #1: Merchant Marine Memorial

Chris' image is brilliant for the way it moves silently around the ritual, past the bible, the collar and the ever-present hands of the clergy, finding a deeper grace.

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Business Focus Photo April 22, 2011

Beached White Male? Oh, Please.

1. Don't these big news mags do this "endangered white male" thing at least once a year?

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