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Occupy Wall Street Photo October 30, 2011

Don’t Think of an Anarchist

What this photo does do, under the guise of quirkiness, is begin refashioning a peaceful, citizens-driven 2012 "Occupy" into the anarchistic mold of Seattle '99.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo October 29, 2011

Occupy Denver: "Normalizing" the Robo-Cops, and More Fuel for the "Violent Protester" Meme

If the photos from Occupy Denver Saturday night serve a constructive function, it's to establish that Oakland was not an anomaly.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo October 27, 2011

Occupy Entering Tar-and-Feather Phase? The Case of the Guy With the AK at Occupy Atlanta Rally

More the flavor of Tea (and militia) than anything else, the photo represents one more projection of hate onto a non-violent Occupy movement suddenly vulnerable to contamination, infiltration, exploitation -- and, yes, provocation -- by all forms of crazy.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo October 26, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Our Take on the Reuters Photo of Wounded Iraq Vet, Scott Olsen

What makes movements come into their own are martyrs.

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Occupy Oakland: Headbashing and Kittens

Maybe the question is: what's occupying the media?

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(De-)Occupy Oakland: Role of the Cameras and Comparison to Arab Spring

If it looks like the cop is pleading a case and the demonstrator is making one, that's how much "the revolution will be interactive" ... and we're all right there.

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Campaign '12 Photo October 25, 2011

Our Take on the Herman Cain Smokin' Video

If 20.3 million folks smoke and some of them are Tea Partiers, they and some Libertarians might vote for the pizza guy.

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Campaign '12 Photo

Romney: "The Money Shot"

Sure, it's a straight-ahead glorification of greenbacks, corporate raiding and the ostentatious accumulation of wealth. What I like about it, though, is how the suit next to Romney is actually handing him the buck.

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International Focus Photo October 24, 2011

Hillary and Libya: "V" is Very, Very Extraordinary

Although taken two days before, it wouldn't have surprised me one bit if this photo had been taken two days after Gaddafi was terminated.

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Nina Berman Photo

Nina Berman at Occupy Wall Street: Magnetism on the Upper West Side

If the Occupy Wall Street movement has been born out of alienation and deep political cynicism, this first image is a hopeful and welcome sight.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo October 23, 2011

Size Matters: Obama, the Military and the Pull-Out

Friday's White House "Photo of the Day" is actually pretty funny, given the grumbling Obama is hearing over the Iraq pullout.

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John Lucaites Photo October 22, 2011

How the Other Half Lives

What we see in these two images when juxtaposed is a glimpse at a possible future, a world divided between the haves and the have-nots with little room in between. In short, we see a world in which the middle class itself has been erased.

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OWS: The Painted Lady

So, is OWS compromising some impact to the extent it has also become a spectacle or a tourist attraction -- or is that just some silly media idea?

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International Focus Photo October 21, 2011

Israel’s Release

And perhaps the most ironic photo from Wednesday's Israel-Hamas prisoner release....

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Sinking, Sinking in the Reign: Our 1 Pic Gaddafi Retrospective

I'm laughing at clouds So dark up above The sun's in my heart And I'm ready for love

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International Focus Photo October 20, 2011

Gilad, Benjamin and How it Looks to be Home

There should be no surprise that politics has not had enough of Gilad. This photo nicely captures the subordination of private life to political grandstanding.

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Julie Turkewitz at Occupy Wall Street: Love, Hope, and Economic and Social Violence

Given the surge of hope Obama inspired in America's youth four years ago, especially among African-Americans, that OWS represents the capacity to re-engage that spirit with so much positive energy is truly a cause for optimism.

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Campaign '12 Photo October 19, 2011

The Venomous GOP Debate Audience

First they cheered for execution. Then they cheered for leaving the uninsured to die. And in last night's iteration...

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