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Notes Photo April 6, 2007

Since November (#6): Suspended Animation

One of the cleverest images documenting the mid-term election was this November 20th cover of The New Yorker. Looking back, its clear the combination of Iraq and scandal led to the toppling of the Republican Congress. That's the White House in the background, however, not the Congress.

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Notes Photo November 16, 2006

The New Place To Be

If you haven't seen it around the 'sphere, take a look at the cover TIME did after the Republican's stampeded in '94.  And, if you have seen it, look at it again.  In nine days, I haven't seen any stormin' donkeys, any steamrollers, any locomotives, have you?

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Notes Photo November 10, 2006

Advice To Republicans

In analyzing all the media analysis of 11/7, how could The BAG  fail to offer its own two cents of advise to the faded red party.

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Notes Photo November 9, 2006

Giving You The Creeps

With the Administration's trashing on Tuesday, the media acquired not just the license, but the bursting requirement to see these people for who they are.  The result -- and a signifier of the ensuing candor -- are Annie Leibovitz's shots through the fish eye.

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Notes Photo November 8, 2006

Like History

In October, three weeks before the midterm election, President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld stuck out their chins at the new U.S. Air Force Memorial in Virginia, approaching what the White House was hoping would be another cakewalk.

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Notes Photo

Engendering Change

Like America's first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives in this buoyant image, I'm feeling the joy.

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Notes Photo

It's Called Release

Election Results:  It's Called A Release (Or: <em>What A Difference A Day Makes</em>)

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Notes Photo November 7, 2006

Election Final: The Parting Shot

This picture, taken in Texas this week, seems more than fitting on a day in which in the country -- in a potential rediscovery of the ballot box -- seems poised to, finally, cut and run from the political abuse of the Bush Administration and the cancerous decrepitutde of...

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Notes Photo November 6, 2006

The Election Trinket Formerly Known As Saddam

So we have the November surprise -- involving a quasi-kangaroo court dropping a death sentence on Saddam just 48 hours before the U.S. election.  The way Saddam has been exploited like a circus monkey, I find the "trinket" shot clearly the day's best visual commentary.  Realistically though, here's what...

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Notes Photo November 5, 2006

Campaign Wrap-Up: The "Loathiness" Of The Long Distant Runners

A quick trip across the country offers glimpses of Republicans desperately trying to stay alive after Tuesday. A few have welcomed the president as the shiny hood ornament of their campaigns; most others have decided to go it alone.

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Notes Photo November 2, 2006

Hawking A Metaphor

So the cavalry are a bunch of jackals?  For Crissakes, the vultures aren't descending on the buidling, they're the ones who've been running the place for the past umpteen years!

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Notes Photo November 1, 2006

Your Turn: Bush In Sugar Land

Did the White House confuse Halloween with the Fourth of July?  Or, Shock and Awe? The BAG wasn't planning on another Bush post so soon, but this pic stopped the presses.  I can't wait for your thoughts on this shot from W's Texas campaign trip.

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Notes Photo October 31, 2006

Three For The Road

President Bush arrives at Andrews Air Force Base Saturday for a short campaign trip. In the way photographs paint pictures, this one makes Bush look like a small boy in the back of an SUV, although it's only the usual armored limo.

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Notes Photo October 30, 2006

The Partial George Allen

If on the abstract side, I found the portrait of Allen and his wife, Susan, representative of both the Senator's, and the Republican's dilemma. It's not just that heads and legs have been cut off (which is what this election portends for the GOP majority, as well as many...

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Notes Photo October 28, 2006

Potemkin Village

These photographs recently ran in the Los Angeles Times with an article on the department's training academy in New Mexico. Enrollment this year has climbed to 3600. Seen from a distance, they offer a small Potemkin village. Up close, it looks like an attempt to convince every concerned American...

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Notes Photo October 27, 2006

Playing With The Code

I was taking a closer look at the RNC's racist anti-Harold Ford commercial. Because the ad is so blatant -- associating Ford with ugly stereotypes regarding the black man's sexual appetite and hankering for white women -- one tends to overlook the more subtle touches.

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Notes Photo October 26, 2006

Michael J. Fox

The NYT describes it as one of the most powerful political ads ever made. But then, The Times (link) wipes its feet on it by pigeonholing the spot as primarily an attack ad.  To frame Michael J. Fox side-by-side with Willie Horton is not only disgusting, it misses the whole...

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Notes Photo October 24, 2006

The Gloves Come Off

A hat tip to Rolling Stone for bypassing the election handicapping, "will-they-or-won't-they" punditry over majorities and minorities, and just flat-out laying into this Congress.  Given The BAG's visual eye (and the fact an election is barreling down), I took a particular interest in the accompanying feature, The "10 Worst...

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