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The Great Recession Photo November 30, 2009

Dubai: Getting Pinked

As Dubai teeters at the edge of financial collapse, Martin Parr's 2007 shots from Dubai of the filthy rich are like salt in the wound.

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Seattle + 10

BAGnewsNotes offers original photos from the Seattle WTO protests on the tenth anniversary of the the uprising.

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Faith Focus Photo November 29, 2009

Minaret Missiles

How much did Switzerland's terrifying anti-Islamic anti-minaret poster help the minaret ban succeed?

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Media Focus Photo

Who's In The House

Why photos of Michaele and Tareq Salahi, the White House gatecrashers -- otherwise, a superficial story lapping up attention in a holiday news vacuum -- have the gut-level impact they do.

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Media Focus Photo November 28, 2009

How Great Buildings Fall… (psst: Cheney in 2012!)

Does Newsweek cover, "crashing the government" into the ground, simply play as a Cheney '12 ad?

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Culture Focus Photo November 27, 2009

The Number of Models Marketed Unapologetically at Children Stretches to 42

Serving up the U.S. as a country obsessed with living out childhood wild west gunslinger fantasies.

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Media Focus Photo

Big Cheney, Little Joe

This small, distant and unplugged NYT Mag cover photo of Biden makes Biden look pretty emasculated.

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Culture Focus Photo November 25, 2009

Nixon's Flock

On Thanksgiving, there are just too many Republican turkeys to choose from. This year, Nixon's the one!

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Uncategorized Photo November 24, 2009

Palin's Bragging Rites

A look at two photos from Palin's book tour appearance at Fort Bragg. (Why she was able to exploit the installation is beyond me.)

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Your Turn: Afghanistan — The Read from the Situation Room

In the last 13 days, the White House has posted only three photos to its Flickr stream, two of the three (the latest, yesterday) on the critical Afghan policy review. BAGnewsNotes readers deconstruct what they have to say.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo November 23, 2009

War Grief in All Its Faces

What the photos demonstrate is that military families can lose their loved ones to circumstances other than death on the battlefield.

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Commandant Beck Not Joking Anymore

Using his "latest-book" tour as the field test for a new (yep, Palin-esque) identity, Glenn Beck proposes to transform himself from screaming (faux-) media pundit into full-fledged political activist.

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Spin Focus Photo

Champagne Days

After eeking out Senate vote just to START health debate, Harry Reid making love, if cute, not so sweet.

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John Moore Photo November 22, 2009

Birther Attack Gets a Fort Hood Twist

By tying in Fort Hood, Phil Wolf's birther billboard constructed at his Colorado auto lot takes the "Obama as a closet Muslim" (or "Obama as secret Jihadist") scare tactic to a whole new and much sicker level.

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Uncategorized Photo November 21, 2009

In The Religion Section

I came across an interestingly composed photo of a Palin book signing event published on her Facebook feed.

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Sensei Obama: Back 'atcha?

(Click for larger size) On the last leg of a long Asian trip in which O was essentially bottled up, the shot, in this otherwise tongue-in-cheek Korean Taekwon-Do -themed photo-op, offers the Prez as a powerful action figure as he re-injects himself back into the homeland political martial arts....

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Culture Focus Photo November 20, 2009

Dot Biz

  Consumer culture -- the manufacture of desire -- is killing us.

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University of California: Adding Injury to Injury

This Getty/AFP shot, showing a campus policeman at UCLA tasering a student demonstrator yesterday, captures the pain, anger, abuse, degradation and the fury over the outrageous 32% fee hike by the University of California.

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