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Video October 7, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Ukraine’s Army of Exhumation

We explore the stunning portraiture, the powerful geometry, and how unique and devastating the investigation is for taking place this soon.

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Video September 27, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Liz Cheney On the Hunt

As Liz Cheney leads the charge against Trump and “the big lie,” the background here lets us know she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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Video September 21, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: When the Wind Turbine Met the Wildfire

This dramatic photo sets up a fundamental clash between symbols of climate destruction and a green energy future.

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Video September 14, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: The NRA Children’s Museum

The two icons paired together, the school bus and the assault weapon make us face their lethal connection in this powerful mobile exhibition.

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Video August 28, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: An Abortion Patient Assuredly Shares Her Ultrasound Scan

Post-Roe, abortion patients and activists are promoting the procedure more boldly and unapologetically.

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Video August 6, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Record UK Heat Sweats Palace Guard

As clickbait goes, the guard dripping in his bear hat at Buckingham Palace proved quite the shout-out to the climate crisis.

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Video August 4, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: The Ghosts of Lake Mead

As drought from the climate crisis diminishes rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, ancient and eerie objects are washing up worldwide.

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Video July 26, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: The NRA’s Dangerous Aims

The provocative photo reflects the growing backlash to rampant gun violence as much as the NRA's enabling of it.

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Women and Gender Focus Video July 20, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: In the Post-Roe Blur

As distinct from the protests, the photo calls up the post-Roe state of mind, including the confusion, determination, and women on the move.

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Video July 15, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: A More Real Heat Wave Photo

As the climate crisis grows more intense, this image offers a worthy contrast to the more typical heat wave news photo.

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Video July 12, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: A Border Photo Equally Informed by Hope and Policy

Focusing on the documents of these young refugees, we discuss how the informational value of the photo compliments its emotional impact.

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Video June 29, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: The Pence Jan. 6 Photos and the Hero Narrative

Far from heroic, the newly-released Jan. 6 photos of Mike Pence largely document his inability to defy Trump until the last minute.

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Video June 22, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Hanger Electrifies SCOTUS Abortion Protest

At this moment in history, the vibrancy of the hanger truly captures the precarious status of abortion rights.

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Video June 6, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Russia’s Detention of Brittney Griner

Effectively detained as a political prisoner, we discuss the basketball star's body language and the photo’s reflection on the Soviet state.

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Video May 28, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: After Mass Shooting Hate Crime in Buffalo, a Prayerful Photo Outside Tops Market

We discuss body language ("take a knee"?), Tops's empty parking lot, and how we look at this photo after the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

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Chatting the Pictures: The Symbolism of a Home Damaged in the Ukrainian War

John Moore's photo is full of fate and symbolism. That includes the house as a face or head, and the profound outcome of walking away.

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Chatting the Pictures: Toxic Foam Overruns a Town

Looking at pictures of toxic foam invading Mosquera, Colombia, we discuss the tendency to see the imagery more as a curiosity than a threat.

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Video May 11, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: With Supreme Court Leak, Abortion on the Clock

If it wasn't timely already, this Alabama abortion photo is now even more relevant as the Supreme Court telegraphs the end of Rowe vs. Wade.

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