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Video March 25, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: A Beckoning Photo in the Flight From Kyiv by Train

The photo of citizens escaping their war-torn country from Kyiv's Central station is a remarkable depiction of both urgency and order.

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Video March 20, 2022

Chatting the Pictures and VII Photo: Irpin Evacuation and the Ukrainian Resistance

Ron Haviv’s photos capture the resistance and spirit of the Ukrainians in the face of the Russian offensive.

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Video March 3, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: The (Visual) Chaos of the Canadian Trucker Standoff

The Covid protest that paralyzed downtown Ottawa offered a noisy clash of favorite symbols and newly-minted icons.

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Video February 25, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: War Mongering and the Insanity of Putin’s Table

While the internet had fun with it, this ludicrous scene captured Putin's loss of reality on the way to invading Ukraine.

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Video February 22, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Biden In a Feeble Light

The president is certainly facing serious challenges. But is Biden floundering or do images like this reflect more superficial shortcomings?

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Video February 14, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: An Artful and Moody News Photo of Raphael Nadal

We delight in the creativity of news photography. And in the case of this photo from the Australian Open, the image feels like pure jazz.

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Video February 4, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Greenpeace Boulder Suspended Over the North Sea

In the name of fishing rights and fair play, this photo displays as much creativity and intrigue as it does advocacy and warning.

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BagNewsSalon Slideshow Interviews Video February 1, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Viral Photo of Winter Firestorm From CO Hospital

It's all there in one painterly photo: winter wildfire, the growing climate threat to the suburbs, and medical workers reduced to spectators.

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Video January 27, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Tornado Photo from Wrecked Kentucky Theater is Like a Movie

The photo is simply a brilliant commentary on the blurring of the line between news imagery and entertainment.

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Video January 11, 2022

Chatting the Pictures: Greenland’s Icy Undoing

We discuss this novel photo from Ilulissat where the harbor is open year-round now because the winter cold can no longer freeze it solid.

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Activism & Protest Video December 20, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: The Most Historic Photo from the January 6th Uprising

This photo from the January 6 Capitol uprising was likely the year's most historic. We delve into its meaning and perceptual effect.

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Video December 14, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: A Most Unique and Dignified Abortion Image

As restrictions on abortion increase, we look at this photo of Dr. Rebecca Taub performing a surgical abortion, and how intimacy and the camera angle dignifies the procedure.

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Video December 7, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Dina Litovsky’s Child Vax Portraits from the Kid’s Eye View

Dina Litovsky captures how New York City kids feel about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, highlighting a sense of health, normalcy, and agency.

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Gender & Identity Video December 2, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Stacy Kranitz’s Spotlight Image from Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic

As the Supreme Court moves to effectively eliminate Roe vs. Wade, we focus on one photo's symbolic and documentary power.

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Video November 29, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Tuvalu’s Climate Summit Parting Shot

We discuss Tuvalu's quirky Glasgow Climate Summit video that won the internet. Posing as one more crisis speech, the effect is beyond words.

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Video November 9, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: The Lava at the Kitchen Window

With the La Palma volcano in Spain generating such a steady flow of dramatic pictures, why did this subtle one circulate so widely?

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Video October 31, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Undersea Gardens and Positive Climate Change Visuals

On the eve of the critical Glasgow Climate Summit, we focus on and the power of images that promote constructive impact.

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Video October 25, 2021

Chatting the Pictures: Famed Congo Gorilla Dies in Her Caretaker’s Arms

We discuss the surprising power and depth of this viral image as Ndakasi, the famed Congo mountain gorilla, takes her last breath.

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